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Facebook Review - Janet Bohannan Borg
Fri 01/22/16 10:54 AM
Best little shop around. Quaint little house stacked full of quilting crafts and fabrics of all colors and styles. Wonderful people to work with and learn from. They had me from hello and i cannot wait to try it all haha

Facebook Review - Gail Boddy
Sat 11/21/15 6:26 PM
Unbelievably filled with fabric. Owner knowledgable and helpful. Classes are offered. A fun place to look for just the right material.

Google Reviews
Review - Rachel Evans
Sat 04/16/16 12:57 PM
Phenomenal place stuffed to the gills with fabric and notions. Tons of batiks which I loved!!! :) The staff is really knowledgeable and helpful! I loved how they had fabrics not just for the "traditional" quilter but also for the younger generation quilter who loves bright, flashy, and fun. Who knew such an unimposing place could be so full of life inside!!! :) As they say, if the quilts are hanging, they are open (unless its raining or super duper windy)!!! So True!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely love this place and plan on going back Really soon!!! :)